Keith “Kez” Wilson Joins Inchi

I’m excited to announce that seasoned artist and animator Kez Wilson has joined the project! Kez is well known for his work on animated films like Space Jam, Quest for Camelot, and The King and I but has extensive credits in the comic book industry to boot! During his tenure at DC Comics, Kez created Robin’s “R” logo for the new era and other title logos like Detective Comics. In addition, the list of pencil and inking laurels includes Star Trek, Suicide Squad, Crimson Avenger, Power of the Atom, Secret Origins, Hammerlocke, and so many more! Speaking of Hammerlocke, Kez helped write that book plus, wrote and produced his title, Supercar.

In short, Kez is the real deal, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored he’s agreed to help with a cover for Inchi. Look at some of these Kez covers for Doc Savage!

Doc Savage by Kez Wilson

To learn more about Kez Wilson, all you have to do is punch his name into Google, but I put some links below to learn more about him.

On the back of that news, I’ll mention that I’m in the final two pages of this book and getting serious about designing the Kickstarter. First, of course, there’s still the coloring to contend with, but I’m hoping to secure a colorist in the next few weeks!

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