Colors of Mariam Yasser

Inchi is out of the art phase and into the color! I’m happy to announce that Mariam Yasser has joined the project to bring this book to life. Mariam is a comic book colorist from Egypt whose work I found while researching a partner. I remember reaching out to her last year when the book was only half-finished, and I’m so glad she was available to push this to the finish line! Mariam worked as a professional illustrator for five years before starting comics in 2019. Mariam is quite versatile in her skill sets and aspires to create her own comic.

You can find Mariam at:

Be sure to check out some of these projects she has worked on!

The Ignis Quadrant, Into the Suck, Northwoods, Baby Barbaria, The Dark Star, Chernoborg, Resurrection House, Coleman Carmichael, and Sydney Dossier.

Kickstarter details are coming soon as I expect we will be press ready sometime in mid-April!

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