The Will-o’-the-wisp is a folk tale present in many cultures around the world. For most people, the only familiarity with this strange and otherworldly being is from Disney/Pixar’s Brave. In Brave, Merida meets the more benevolent version of the Wisp, but the folk tales send us a warning.

Disney/Pixar’s Brave

The Wisp is characterized in at least a dozen ways in as many places around the world. In one version, a man who made a deal with the devil. In another, unbaptized trapped souls attempt to lure people into the water for a chance at redemption. Whatever the interpretation, you don’t want to meet the Malevolent Wisp.

In 21 Steezy Snuffs, I put a new updated twist on the Wisp. As the title suggests, he is not the forgiving kind. I look forward to bringing you this story and many more this spring!


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