Art Preview & Updates

A lot has happened since my last update. First, Inchi #01 wrapped, and then 21 Steezy Snuffs launched! Truth be told, I kinda wrecked my very cool-looking site turning it over to an e-comm page. I still don’t love it yet, but I’ll get there! But that’s not why you’re reading this! Let’s talk art!

If you’ve already pledged for 21 Steezy Snuffs (21SS), then you know that I’ve been on studio lockdown finalizing art. It’s been so much fun! I’m super excited about where it’s at and coming together nicely. That said, (Pirate Voice) “there be 10 days left” on this Voyage at $707 raised. As I said in yesterday’s Kickstarter update, I’m thrilled! Considering this type of book isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s incredible! But that’s why we serve tea, coffee, and scotch on this ship. No spiced rum in this update.

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So let me take you through some of the new art that’s coming into the book. Another word of caution these are in progress! Let’s start with the surprise breakout star, the plague doctor!

Plague doctors have never gone out of fashion. Still, considering we have been living a modern plague for some time, perhaps that’s a boost. I love this dark and mysterious version, but this is how he will appear in 21SS with the story.

I’ll work the dark and mysterious version in somewhere too just cause he’s cool. Maybe on a keychain? Or a fridge magnet! This is what’s circling through my mind right now!

Ah, ha, ha! Love that movie, and oh, so true! But more on the fall conventions I’ll be at later!

These Animals are all “Rude men, gangsters, proper naughty boys, and all that bollocks!” Love that line from Guy Ritchie’s, The Gentlemen! In the print version, expect blood on Mr. Rabbit.

You probably never considered the challenges Brownies and Faerie Folk go through daily! Empathy is a blade that requires constant sharpening.

I love doing these silhouette-style pieces. It has an inherent drama to it that is unique to the form. In this piece, I’m working towards having the bloodied face the focal point as the story pivots on this detail. Sort of. 😉

OMG! She has no hands….NO HANDS!!! LOL!!! I love the drama unfolding on this one too. It’s different in that I’m going for more of an oil on canvas look. It’s exciting to see it coming together.

This book is a long-time dream come true with a wide breadth of art styles throughout. There are ten days to pledge if you want to support it directly. I appreciate you being on the Voyage in any case! I gotta get back to work, and you gotta get on to enjoying the holiday!

Be Safe!