Inchi is Born

This post finishes the origin story of Inchi! I’m excited to move towards the plot of the story in these upcoming posts. As a reminder, Inchi is pronounced (Ink-key) and is derived from the Italian word for Ink, “Inchiostro”. Inchi’s adventure is just beginning.


Blood Drops

Can you guess which drop is the blood drop? Sorry. I know you knew it was the outlined one. I promise this will look much cooler when it’s in color. Gotta get through Inktober first. These frames will look a bit rougher since they are actually quite small on the printed page. Only about 2″ in width.


Inchi Begins

For the record, I have very serious doubts about my ability to post every single day for Inktober. As spirited and enthusiastic as I am there are things like, scheduling issues and travel that make the practicality troubling, to say the least. I will make a valiant effort though. 🙂October01

As a reminder, my Inktober is a bit different than the norm. I plan to release a story over the course of the month (see Inchi Tab) that was originally meant to culminate into a complete tale. I’ve since thought that over and realize it’s much better for the story, the pacing, and the reader to not do that. Instead, there will be a . . . well, maybe I wait to tell you. Much more interesting that way.