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I have questions, and I know you have answers about how you consume your read entertainment. If willing, I have a few questions following the update. I would be grateful if you spent just a minute or two answering! But first, art updates!

Witches, another 21 Steezy Snuffs
There are no spoilers here on the story, so I’ll let you draw some conclusions. 🙂 As with most of my art updates, this piece still has much to do. I am frustrated by the fur because I couldn’t decide between an ink-rendered version or a painted version at the time. Alas…this is where it’s at.

A close-up of the upper body and headpiece in ink only. I like how it’s come together, but I will revisit the fabric. It deserves better treatment.

Okay, the question… or questions…
Thank you in advance for answering this. As you know, illustrated books and comics are challenging to produce in the best situations. Questions of distribution and format increase the difficulty immensely. Obviously, major publishers do their best to hit all channels. Still, as an independent, I want to focus my energy where my fans are. Meet them where they want to be met, so to speak.

1. How do you prefer to read illustrated books/comics?

Even if it’s a layered answer, I’d love to know. Is it physical books, digital books, webcomics, etc.

2. Do you use mobile platforms like Webtoons or Tapas to read serial stories weekly?

If there are others you might be using, I’d appreciate knowing.

3. Would you prefer more regular content (like a weekly serial) over waiting for a finished print book?

Not that your answer would exclude one for the other.

I appreciate any insights you can give me. I agree with “Art for the sake of art,” but I want to ensure my efforts are focused in the right place.

Thank you, thank you!!!

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