Officially announcing that “Witches,” a 21 Steezy Snuffs follow-up, is in production. And so, without ado, here is a comp of what a Witches cover might look like!

There’s a lot to do in this particular piece. Besides the color, shading, and more technical aspects of the composition, there are artistic choices. For example, I want to think longer about how I want her tattoos to appear. Some of these I slapped on, although others are from the classical Roman depictions of Pictish tattoos. That’s the kind of stuff I think about and end up being driven crazy by. But it’s the kind of thing I hope you will appreciate when you read the stories!

It’s a full-court press to prepare this “Witch Edition” of 21 Steezy Snuffs for the fall. More exciting and eyebrow-raising news coming soon!

Wait? What about Inchi #02

The last thing I would want to do is throw some business on you, but the reality is that 21 Steezy Snuffs is still outperforming Inchi #01. In fact, I just placed my first-ever stocking order on that title for the Con Exclusive Cover. It’s crazy, and I can’t ignore that. Inchi fans, DO NOT DESPAIR… It’s still being worked on. Just because people are more excited about short-form gothic horror than they are about urban fantasy sequential art doesn’t mean I’m giving up!

Spritz-Oh! Beverage Of The Cursed

One of my favorite parts of doing illustrated fiction and sequential art is the details! For instance, my character Murron who has been featured a few times in the page reveals, is holding and drinking a canned beverage. It doesn’t amount to much concern in the overall story context, BUT what exactly is that drink? I love this kind of detail. So I created this collage of moments and highlighted the can for your reference.

Various Cells From Inchi #02

With that in mind I have to create a “brand”. Of course, I could write COLA, SODA, or some other generic thing on that can, but I couldn’t resist doing this mockup. It’s Italy after all…

Spritz-Oh! Brand Mock-Up!

LOL…well, I have to come up with something. And there’s time. I don’t know if it will end up as Spritz-Oh! but I’m open to your thoughts. Inchi #02 presses on! I appreciate you all so much!

Quick All-Con Recap

All-con is slightly different from most con’s I’ve attended or exhibited. The best way I can describe it is to say it’s about activities. So while many cons focus on celebrity guests, signings, photo ops, and fan merchandise, all-con is about experiences! Every half hour from 11:00a.m. to midnight, something happens in one of the hotel’s various ballrooms and conference rooms. It could be anything from cosplay tips to Cards Against Humanity flash games. There’s something for everyone hence the name “All-con.” So in the moments in between when there is downtime, attendees spend some time perusing the vendor hall or Artist’s Alley, where I was set up. It’s incredible to observe from behind the black-cloaked table!
Look! An actual Krampus was there who looked a lot like my interpretation! He got a free book.

Krampus At All-Con

Far and away, my flash fiction book 21 Steezy Snuffs outpaced interest in Inchi. Still, I’m guessing gothic horror will always feel more attractive than fantasy. There’s plenty of reluctance to get involved with a series too! I get all that, and it’s totally cool! My vision remains pure, and I love the way this story is developing. However, it encourages me to move up some other short-form literature I have on the schedule.

Appreciate you all!

All-Con Starts Today

I’ve really embraced the necessity of doing book shows. So I’m experimenting more right in my back yard starting with All-Con. It starts today and runs through Sunday. If you are located in or around Dallas or are just happen to be in town I’d love to meet you. Just out there raising awareness!

All-Con 2023

Inchi #02

For Backers of Inchi #01 you may have recieved an update already via Kickstarter or through the Voyages newsletter. I’ve already been thinking about when is the right time to prepare for the next launch. Much of that content you all receive first as Voyages subscribers so I’ll just hit you with the main update! Page 4!

Inchi#02 – Page 4

Nothing has changed as all of this will go through a final edit. Some details I like to leave until the end to make sure the creative flow doesn’t suffer and to have better continuity. One thing I’m sure of, this will be an even better book than the first.

I’ve definitely grown since the publication of Inchi #01, both as a writer and an illustrator. Making comics is hard and takes a lot of dedication to the craft. There is always something to improve upon, so thank you for your support from the bottom of my heart.

It’s a full-court press this spring to get this Book ready for launch. I’ll keep you posted as always.

Auld Lang Syne 2022

I’ll say it. It’s been a good year for this project I call, MoonBlimp. Thank you to my fans, who supported me and continue to do so! I hope you have the best and most incredible year to come! On reflection, there is much to be proud of and grateful for, and it’s because of you! So let’s take a quick look at the year in review!

Three Published Books in 2022!

The Hidden Legions 1st Edition Limited Run of 50

Those who have been fans long-term know that this was my pilot book. I made up for what I lacked in knowledge of book production with drama, atmosphere, and moodiness. It was a success in terms of the cinematic effect I want to capture in every sequential art project. It just needed polish.

In fairness, I released this book in the last quarter of 2021, heading into the holiday season. However, I sold it through to the first quarter and then placed it back in the vault. If you have one of these, it is truly a MoonBlimp gem of a collector’s item. Printed in-house, hand-cut, hand-stitched, and signed by the author! 🙂 I’ve got plans for a remake and reprint as part of an anthology. But thats down the road a bit. 🙂

Inchi Part One, Mysterious Beginnings – July 2022

ISBN: 978-1-959458-00-5

Even though MoonBlimp has been around for a long while, this book is the proper launch. It represents years of study in multiple disciplines paired with a unique story concept. Getting this project launched on Kickstarter was no small feat and is a true milestone.

21 Steezy Snuffs – October 2022

ISBN: 978-1-959458-02-9

The concept for 21 Steezy Snuffs was brewing for a couple years. However, I was focused on Inchi and dedicated to finishing it. After the launch of Inchi, I was motivated to get this done in time for the Halloween season.

Between these three books and a successful tradeshow appearance (Irving FanFest, October 2022) it’s been an incredible year. Again, all thanks to your support!

Two of those are for sale on my Etsy site if you have any friends or family that might be interested!


2023 Resolutions

Inchi, Part Two!

You all voted it up, and it’s already in production! I’ve included some at the bottom for those who have not seen some of the art in past messages or on social media. I’ve spent the holiday modeling and doing studies of the environment that opens book 2. Where interiors are concerned, details matter, and spacial awareness matters! I’m upping the game on every level for this release. Cinematics, depth of story, engagement, drama, action! I can’t wait to get this in your hands!

Illustrated Poetry Anthology (Title T.B.D.)

More information on this is to come, but while sequential art is a passion for me, I will continue exploring art-related titles and publishing partnerships.

Have a great and safe New Year, everyone! Now here are some art panels with brief descriptions!

This is the first of two rough studies I’m sharing. This space lies below sea level somewhere inside the Venetian Arsenal. This room in particular is a research space. As this drawing serves to evaluate space, size, and content, many details are removed. The arches to the left indicate a support structure for a floor above and a separation of space.

From this angle, looking through the arches, you can see the research space from a different perspective. The casual furniture in the foreground indicate the living space. There is a full kitchen to the left!

Have a wonderful and safe New Year! I’ll see you on the other side!


Inchi #2 First Looks

Converting my site into an e-com platform qualifies as a short-lived experiment. Compared to Etsy, Kickstarter, and tradeshows, I got little traction here. So I made the decision to simplify and close shop. But while the channels for getting my books into people’s hands remain elusive, I am optimistic! The voyage continues!

I am full steam into the second book for anyone who is a fan of Inchi. Here is a pre-ink of the book opener. I released this a while ago on social channels and the Voyages newsletter, but as I took a little break from blogging, this is a catch-up.

Opening Panel of Inchi #2

I’m in the process of doing final character studies. The crusaders all have their “cursed look,” which is finally being revealed. These sketches were originally for Rinaldo’s character. However, I decided it’s a better look for a different character (To be named).

Not Rinaldo

I’m starting to experiment with process videos now. If you want to check those out, follow moonblimp on Instagram.

Appreciate you!

Krampus Cards and Digital Books

It’s just two critical updates today, and then some less important one’s! So….most important one is…

Krampus Greeting Cards are here! Kilted Krampus was so popular last year that we thought making some greeting cards was a good idea. This Kilted Krampus is an original art piece featured in the upcoming book 21 Steezy Snuffs. I just wanted you to know early if you want to grab those up while supplies (and time) last.

Windowed Box of 10 Cards 5×7 (Blank Inside)
Includes 10 Kraft Envelopes
Printed in the United States on 14pt. Card Stock

It’s right on the splash of http://www.moonblimp.com if you want to check it out.

Also, right on the cover is the digital download of Inchi #01. So if you missed the Kickstarter, it’s in the Bookstore along with the physical.

Those are the important ones. Less critical but likely more interesting is the print schedule on 21 Steezy Snuffs! I am expecting proofs tomorrow with a guaranteed landing date of October 13th! That means those who backed the Kickstarter will have a book before the end of the month! Very exciting! If you missed the Kickstarter, it’s okay. We will have trade editions in the Bookstore soon as well.

Art Preview & Updates

A lot has happened since my last update. First, Inchi #01 wrapped, and then 21 Steezy Snuffs launched! Truth be told, I kinda wrecked my very cool-looking site turning it over to an e-comm page. I still don’t love it yet, but I’ll get there! But that’s not why you’re reading this! Let’s talk art!

If you’ve already pledged for 21 Steezy Snuffs (21SS), then you know that I’ve been on studio lockdown finalizing art. It’s been so much fun! I’m super excited about where it’s at and coming together nicely. That said, (Pirate Voice) “there be 10 days left” on this Voyage at $707 raised. As I said in yesterday’s Kickstarter update, I’m thrilled! Considering this type of book isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s incredible! But that’s why we serve tea, coffee, and scotch on this ship. No spiced rum in this update.

Check out the Kickstarter

So let me take you through some of the new art that’s coming into the book. Another word of caution these are in progress! Let’s start with the surprise breakout star, the plague doctor!

Plague doctors have never gone out of fashion. Still, considering we have been living a modern plague for some time, perhaps that’s a boost. I love this dark and mysterious version, but this is how he will appear in 21SS with the story.

I’ll work the dark and mysterious version in somewhere too just cause he’s cool. Maybe on a keychain? Or a fridge magnet! This is what’s circling through my mind right now!

Ah, ha, ha! Love that movie, and oh, so true! But more on the fall conventions I’ll be at later!

These Animals are all “Rude men, gangsters, proper naughty boys, and all that bollocks!” Love that line from Guy Ritchie’s, The Gentlemen! In the print version, expect blood on Mr. Rabbit.

You probably never considered the challenges Brownies and Faerie Folk go through daily! Empathy is a blade that requires constant sharpening.

I love doing these silhouette-style pieces. It has an inherent drama to it that is unique to the form. In this piece, I’m working towards having the bloodied face the focal point as the story pivots on this detail. Sort of. 😉

OMG! She has no hands….NO HANDS!!! LOL!!! I love the drama unfolding on this one too. It’s different in that I’m going for more of an oil on canvas look. It’s exciting to see it coming together.

This book is a long-time dream come true with a wide breadth of art styles throughout. There are ten days to pledge if you want to support it directly. I appreciate you being on the Voyage in any case! I gotta get back to work, and you gotta get on to enjoying the holiday!

Be Safe!


Bookmarks and Postcards Are In!

It’s a great day on the blimp because bookmarks and postcards have arrived! Take a look!

The stickers are due to arrive on Tuesday, and we are still on track for the book in the next two weeks. The stickers are due to arrive on Tuesday, and we are still on track for the book in the next few weeks. Once we get inventory, those will be on the website for purchase. Book 2 is already in art production! Can’t wait to post up some prelims.


Final Weekend to Pledge

As I write, less than 70 hours of this campaign are remaining, and I am grateful. I can’t thank all of you enough for believing in and supporting this project. Everything about this project is fun, and it’s because of you! Every single backer of this campaign has a special place in Moonblimp history. I won’t forget that. I’m actually in the process of preparing unique letters for my Doge level backers. You all went above and beyond, and because of that, I will too! Inside these letters is something never before done in business! Well, it’s probably been done and is now considered a bad idea for profits, but you Doges deserve a little something extra. I can’t wait for you to see what’s inside.

It’s not too late to help get the word out on this project to jump everyone to $1500. I still want to be able to print the Armida Bookmark and get that in with all the print-level backers. But hey, digital backers! I’ve been thinking about you too. If we can get to $1500, I’ll drop some wallpapers for everyone!

If you haven’t pledged don’t wait! Have a great Saturday!