Auld Lang Syne 2022

I’ll say it. It’s been a good year for this project I call, MoonBlimp. Thank you to my fans, who supported me and continue to do so! I hope you have the best and most incredible year to come! On reflection, there is much to be proud of and grateful for, and it’s because of you! So let’s take a quick look at the year in review!

Three Published Books in 2022!

The Hidden Legions 1st Edition Limited Run of 50

Those who have been fans long-term know that this was my pilot book. I made up for what I lacked in knowledge of book production with drama, atmosphere, and moodiness. It was a success in terms of the cinematic effect I want to capture in every sequential art project. It just needed polish.

In fairness, I released this book in the last quarter of 2021, heading into the holiday season. However, I sold it through to the first quarter and then placed it back in the vault. If you have one of these, it is truly a MoonBlimp gem of a collector’s item. Printed in-house, hand-cut, hand-stitched, and signed by the author! 🙂 I’ve got plans for a remake and reprint as part of an anthology. But thats down the road a bit. 🙂

Inchi Part One, Mysterious Beginnings – July 2022

ISBN: 978-1-959458-00-5

Even though MoonBlimp has been around for a long while, this book is the proper launch. It represents years of study in multiple disciplines paired with a unique story concept. Getting this project launched on Kickstarter was no small feat and is a true milestone.

21 Steezy Snuffs – October 2022

ISBN: 978-1-959458-02-9

The concept for 21 Steezy Snuffs was brewing for a couple years. However, I was focused on Inchi and dedicated to finishing it. After the launch of Inchi, I was motivated to get this done in time for the Halloween season.

Between these three books and a successful tradeshow appearance (Irving FanFest, October 2022) it’s been an incredible year. Again, all thanks to your support!

Two of those are for sale on my Etsy site if you have any friends or family that might be interested!

2023 Resolutions

Inchi, Part Two!

You all voted it up, and it’s already in production! I’ve included some at the bottom for those who have not seen some of the art in past messages or on social media. I’ve spent the holiday modeling and doing studies of the environment that opens book 2. Where interiors are concerned, details matter, and spacial awareness matters! I’m upping the game on every level for this release. Cinematics, depth of story, engagement, drama, action! I can’t wait to get this in your hands!

Illustrated Poetry Anthology (Title T.B.D.)

More information on this is to come, but while sequential art is a passion for me, I will continue exploring art-related titles and publishing partnerships.

Have a great and safe New Year, everyone! Now here are some art panels with brief descriptions!

This is the first of two rough studies I’m sharing. This space lies below sea level somewhere inside the Venetian Arsenal. This room in particular is a research space. As this drawing serves to evaluate space, size, and content, many details are removed. The arches to the left indicate a support structure for a floor above and a separation of space.

From this angle, looking through the arches, you can see the research space from a different perspective. The casual furniture in the foreground indicate the living space. There is a full kitchen to the left!

Have a wonderful and safe New Year! I’ll see you on the other side!


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