Inchi #2 First Looks

Converting my site into an e-com platform qualifies as a short-lived experiment. Compared to Etsy, Kickstarter, and tradeshows, I got little traction here. So I made the decision to simplify and close shop. But while the channels for getting my books into people’s hands remain elusive, I am optimistic! The voyage continues!

I am full steam into the second book for anyone who is a fan of Inchi. Here is a pre-ink of the book opener. I released this a while ago on social channels and the Voyages newsletter, but as I took a little break from blogging, this is a catch-up.

Opening Panel of Inchi #2

I’m in the process of doing final character studies. The crusaders all have their “cursed look,” which is finally being revealed. These sketches were originally for Rinaldo’s character. However, I decided it’s a better look for a different character (To be named).

Not Rinaldo

I’m starting to experiment with process videos now. If you want to check those out, follow moonblimp on Instagram.

Appreciate you!

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