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A Pen & Ink Stand

C.F. Ebbington’s To Be Exact

As determined as I am to finish the current project, sometimes you just gotta draw something else! In this case, I went with the pen and ink stand that I like to believe C.F. Ebbington would use. Mr. Ebbington being my fictional character from The Machinist’s Island, of course. As a person of refinement, taste, and a healthy appreciation for antiquities this is a good choice. I have no idea if this will even have a place in the future publication but it gave me a break tonight from water, seagulls, and kung fu mermaids.

3 thoughts on “A Pen & Ink Stand

  1. Hey MoonBlimp! Love your sketch work! I’m a community manager for HeatingUp and we’re currently running a 10-second sketch challenge that ends in 4 days. Totally fun. The winner gets a $100 gift card to Amazon :). Any interest?

    1. Hi Jessica. Thank you for the kind words. Sounds fun but I am not an Apple customer. Maybe in the future if it comes to Android. Good luck with the challenge.

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