The Dapper Rider

Dapper Rider (left) | Mumen Rider (Right)

Several weeks ago I was traveling in Asia when a man walked into a coffee shop wearing a helmet, sunglasses, a medical mask, and a dapper ass suit. I captured his likeness the best I could in a sketch form a day or two later. (left sketch) Then it occurred to me that he resembled Mumen Rider or at least, was an upscale Mumen Rider! (Right) LOL!!

While there is no replacing the One Punch Man hero, I feel like this guy is way more stylish and probably has an interesting story to tell. Needless to say the real life “Dapper Rider” grabbed his coffee quickly (must have been pre-ordered) and walked out as quickly as he came in. I can’t help but wonder though, what’s the plan for drinking it because I feel like Dapper Rider would never take off the mask.

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