Spritz-Oh! Beverage Of The Cursed

One of my favorite parts of doing illustrated fiction and sequential art is the details! For instance, my character Murron who has been featured a few times in the page reveals, is holding and drinking a canned beverage. It doesn’t amount to much concern in the overall story context, BUT what exactly is that drink? I love this kind of detail. So I created this collage of moments and highlighted the can for your reference.

Various Cells From Inchi #02

With that in mind I have to create a “brand”. Of course, I could write COLA, SODA, or some other generic thing on that can, but I couldn’t resist doing this mockup. It’s Italy after all…

Spritz-Oh! Brand Mock-Up!

LOL…well, I have to come up with something. And there’s time. I don’t know if it will end up as Spritz-Oh! but I’m open to your thoughts. Inchi #02 presses on! I appreciate you all so much!

Quick All-Con Recap

All-con is slightly different from most con’s I’ve attended or exhibited. The best way I can describe it is to say it’s about activities. So while many cons focus on celebrity guests, signings, photo ops, and fan merchandise, all-con is about experiences! Every half hour from 11:00a.m. to midnight, something happens in one of the hotel’s various ballrooms and conference rooms. It could be anything from cosplay tips to Cards Against Humanity flash games. There’s something for everyone hence the name “All-con.” So in the moments in between when there is downtime, attendees spend some time perusing the vendor hall or Artist’s Alley, where I was set up. It’s incredible to observe from behind the black-cloaked table!
Look! An actual Krampus was there who looked a lot like my interpretation! He got a free book.

Krampus At All-Con

Far and away, my flash fiction book 21 Steezy Snuffs outpaced interest in Inchi. Still, I’m guessing gothic horror will always feel more attractive than fantasy. There’s plenty of reluctance to get involved with a series too! I get all that, and it’s totally cool! My vision remains pure, and I love the way this story is developing. However, it encourages me to move up some other short-form literature I have on the schedule.

Appreciate you all!

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