Armida Page Reveal Inchi #01

There are just 8 days remaining in this campaign and only $115 left to unlock the Runa Postcard Extra! Thats thanks to some generous backers who joined us in the last few days. Remember, Runa is only available at a print tier so you can always upgrade your pledge to make sure you get this bonus! Either way, please share the campaign around in this final week because I really want to print this card!

Campaign Updates You Should Know About

I decided to do something fun with the project cover in this final week on Kickstarter. When you look for updates you will notice I changed the cover to this…

I’m calling this the “dark vs. light” version. Armida and her legion of monsters taking on the world against our hero’s! Speaking of Armida, she’s appeared a few times in the preview but for you guys…here’s another preview page!

But that’s STILL NOT ALL! I added TWO MORE preview pages to the story on the project so head over and check those out when you have a moment.

Inchi #01 on Kickstarter

You’ll have just 8 more days to wait because I’m not giving you anymore teasers! More rewards, sure! We just have to get the word out. Thanks for your help!!!

Friends to Check out

Our friends over at Last Ember Press are currently raising funds for a unique take on Alice In Wonderland that has some fun reversals from the original.

Curiouser: We’re All Mad Here #1

Curiouser is a sequel of sorts set some time in the future starring Alice’s adult son, Alec as he gets pulled into a plot to save Wonderland from a hostile takeover by a mysterious new threat!  Join, Alec, The Knave, The Mad Hatter, and more as they fight to restore Wonderland to the peace and balance that Alice managed to leave this wondrous place in when she left so many years ago.

I love this concept and the art is gorgeous. If your any kind of fan of Alice this is something you should be looking into…through a looking glass perhaps?

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