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Happy Friday everyone! Very happy for MoonBlimp indeed because as this is written we are already 86% funded and $66 away from goal. BUT, I still need your help to get us all the way there!

Please help this project get all the way from dream to reality!

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Why And What Is Kickstarter?

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Kickstarter is a “crowdfunding” platform. In short, that means that entrepreneurs like me don’t have to rely on traditional funding vehicles in the hopes they can build a business or product that resonates with people. Instead, they can offer the business or product directly to people, and they decide if it resonates with them. They do this by “backing a project.” In most cases, this is in exchange for a product or service. In some instances, it’s just a donation.

In my case, Kickstarter is allowing me to not only raise the capital for this book but to offer you a unique experience on top of it. In the traditional model, I would print the books and take them to market in a static experience. What you see is what you get. However, Kickstarter allows me to offer you a customized experience through various reward tiers. These tiers allow you some control over what you value in the project.

Then there are stretch goals! The more funds raised, the more flexibility. As funding exceeds the goal, there will be free (no additional commitment) add-ons like art prints, postcards, stickers, etc. These are just fun things that can enhance the experience of a crowdfund that you can’t do traditionally. You’ll see those on the landing page Friday.

Lastly, trying an unfamiliar platform can be unnerving. Trust me, I know. But I think you’ll be hooked once you join the Kickstarter community. It’s an incredible marketplace full of unique projects from books like mine to film, music, and food!

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Don’t forget that you can choose from any one cover or get them all if you are a collector.

Thank you for your support on this!

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