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Here is your first look at the launch video for Inchi. It’s been on YouTube for a couple days so I could get reads from friends and family. However, it hasn’t been promoted yet. I’m really pleased with this opener and I hope you’ll like it too. A lot has happened in the world of MoonBlimp since the last time we spoke. It’s one thing to get a book ready for press and it’s a whole other thing to build the marketing and launch plan. Wow… it’s alot of work but so rewarding when it’s done.

Launch Date: June 10th on Kickstarter. Click the logo below to sign up for notifications directly on Kickstarter. If you’re already a Voyages subscriber I’ll let you know at launch too!

Why Kickstarter? It gives me a chance to offer you a bunch of really cool options from covers and extra’s. Including freebies if the funding levels are high enough. For instance, I’ll be offering three covers for this launch..

The market cover will be the one available in our shop and on digital book platforms AFTER the launch. Only Kickstarter backers will have access to the “Variant Covers”. More on those in the coming days…

Plot Preview Reminder…

Inchi (ink-y) is a creature born of mysterious circumstances. A beginning almost as bizarre as the characters he gets entangled with. Without a sense of self, this “born yesterday” cephalopod must cooperate with a foul-mouthed seagull and an empathetic mermaid to confront humanity’s genuine and present danger. An ancient and unseen evil has been kept at bay for centuries by a band of cursed crusaders looking for redemption. However, Inchi’s sudden and mysterious arrival has upset the delicate balance.

The story unfolds to reveal the threat’s true origins: love scorned and not reconciled. Centuries ago, Rinaldo and Armida were bound by love at a time when their beliefs were at war. Forced apart by the pressures of the world and hungry for revenge, Armida unleashes hell on humanity.

Inchi and his new companions must work together to defeat this immediate threat while trying to discover his own identity. All of this develops in a small out-of-the-way canal in the back alleys of Modern-day Venice.

Inchi #1 is a 24-page debut in a planned series about Inchi and his companions. This book is 100% FINISHED and ready for press! I just need to know how many to print! That means you won’t be waiting long to get a copy if you back this project!

  • 24 Pages
  • Completely Press Ready!
  • Standard Comic Book Size @ 6.63″ x 10.19″
  • 3 Covers To Choose From!

About me…David Patton (Writer, Artist, Publisher)

A few years ago before the pandemic I took a trip to Venice. Like anything in life, experiencing something is considerably more informative that anything you can read. I fell in love with the way the city and it’s architecture celebrated the sea. It showed me a side of the culture that was fascinating and awe inspiring. The idea for this story took shape while touring the city and taking in it’s art. During the early writing, I was able to make one more trip back before the world shut down and that’s when the production of this book started. I’m really excited to share the story with you!

That’s me in February 2020 during Carnevale di Venezia. Researching, writing, and not taking myself too seriously. The real world shut down shortly after that, and the world of Inchi opened up. Side note, if this is your first time reading about this, Inchi is short for Inchiostro, the Italian word for ink.

About Mariam Yasser (Colorist)

Mariam Yasser is a comic book colorist from Egypt whose work I found while researching a partner. I remember reaching out to her last year when the book was only half-finished, and I’m so glad she was available to push this to the finish line! Mariam worked as a professional illustrator for five years before starting comics in 2019. Mariam is quite versatile in her skill sets and aspires to create her own comic. She has worked on “The Ignis Quadrant”, “Into The Suck”, “Northwoods”, “Baby Barbaria”, “The Dark Star”, “Chernoborg”, “Resurrection House”, “Coleman Carmichael”, “Sydney Dossier” and now “Inchi”.

If this book concept interests you I hope you’ll consider signing up for the prelaunch on Kickstarter. Again, you can find this here.

More to come during the week! Thanks to everyone who has shown and continues to show support for the MoonBlimp mission!

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