Inchi’s “First Ten”

If you’re subscribed to Voyages then you already heard this but for those who aren’t… After some informal polling of supporters and friends, I decided to postpone the production schedule on 21 Steezy Snuffs to advance Inchi. This story is overdue, and it seems the time has come to get it in your hands!

The good news is I’ve been working hard the last few weeks to blow the dust off the pages in the archive. In addition, I penciled some new ones and brought the ink quality to the bare minimum so I could tell you this.

I’m gifting you the first ten pages right now! But to be clear, they are black and white, the art and dialog are not final, and there are errors. So why do this? I’m hoping that if you read the front end, it will get you excited to want to read more! Plus, it’s always been my plan to bring you along on these voyages. 🙂

A Printers Format Copy

As a reminder, Inchi (ink-e) is an action fantasy based in Venice with a historical twist. Inchi is born of mysterious circumstances and immediately thrust into an ancient dilemma. An eclectic group of cursed humans finds the delicate balance of keeping the peace is now disturbed with Inchi’s arrival.

Originally Done As Potential Cover Art (I have abandoned this!)

The first ten will get you started and I’ll keep you updated as we move forward. Grab your download right now by joining my mailing list.

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