Crunching isn’t the word…

Preliminary Inked Pages

I had one of those moments in the fall where I thought to myself, “I’m not sure this is going the way I wanted it to.” I wasn’t happy with the pacing and I didn’t feel like I was giving the story room to breath. A lot of creative work has these moments. Sometimes it’s self doubt and other times it’s based on a good gut intinct. In either case there is a choice to be made: Press through or revise?

I chose to revise. That’s when I fell into a mad rewrite of what followed the Inktober teaser releases. I’m happy to say that it was a good choice! After working the storyboard over with some jabs and body blows I believe it has the makings of a strong initial periodical length release.

The plan now is to finishing inking the remaining pages and prepare for color. I also have an early commitment from an artist I respect to do the cover. More on that as it evolves. Thanks for hanging in there.

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