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The Dapper Rider

Dapper Rider (left) | Mumen Rider (Right)

Several weeks ago I was traveling in Asia when a man walked into a coffee shop wearing a helmet, sunglasses, a medical mask, and a dapper ass suit. I captured his likeness the best I could in a sketch form a day or two later. (left sketch) Then it occurred to me that he resembled Mumen Rider or at least, was an upscale Mumen Rider! (Right) LOL!!

While there is no replacing the One Punch Man hero, I feel like this guy is way more stylish and probably has an interesting story to tell. Needless to say the real life “Dapper Rider” grabbed his coffee quickly (must have been pre-ordered) and walked out as quickly as he came in. I can’t help but wonder though, what’s the plan for drinking it because I feel like Dapper Rider would never take off the mask.

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Crunching isn’t the word…

Preliminary Inked Pages

I had one of those moments in the fall where I thought to myself, “I’m not sure this is going the way I wanted it to.” I wasn’t happy with the pacing and I didn’t feel like I was giving the story room to breath. A lot of creative work has these moments. Sometimes it’s self doubt and other times it’s based on a good gut intinct. In either case there is a choice to be made: Press through or revise?

I chose to revise. That’s when I fell into a mad rewrite of what followed the Inktober teaser releases. I’m happy to say that it was a good choice! After working the storyboard over with some jabs and body blows I believe it has the makings of a strong initial periodical length release.

The plan now is to finishing inking the remaining pages and prepare for color. I also have an early commitment from an artist I respect to do the cover. More on that as it evolves. Thanks for hanging in there.

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Inchi is Born

This post finishes the origin story of Inchi! I’m excited to move towards the plot of the story in these upcoming posts. As a reminder, Inchi is pronounced (Ink-key) and is derived from the Italian word for Ink, “Inchiostro”. Inchi’s adventure is just beginning.


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Blood Drops

Can you guess which drop is the blood drop? Sorry. I know you knew it was the outlined one. I promise this will look much cooler when it’s in color. Gotta get through Inktober first. These frames will look a bit rougher since they are actually quite small on the printed page. Only about 2″ in width.


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Inchi Begins

For the record, I have very serious doubts about my ability to post every single day for Inktober. As spirited and enthusiastic as I am there are things like, scheduling issues and travel that make the practicality troubling, to say the least. I will make a valiant effort though. 🙂October01

As a reminder, my Inktober is a bit different than the norm. I plan to release a story over the course of the month (see Inchi Tab) that was originally meant to culminate into a complete tale. I’ve since thought that over and realize it’s much better for the story, the pacing, and the reader to not do that. Instead, there will be a . . . well, maybe I wait to tell you. Much more interesting that way.