Book Progress and Events

This project continues to excite me as more and more art gets created. The latest piece that is anywhere near completion is this one…

I tried some new techniques on this piece, and I have to admit it’s been very challenging. Although it’s incomplete, I did throw both current pieces with color through the printer to see how the color and composition were coming out. Here’s the result…

Note: The story text is borrowed from the original book for visual purposes. Title is also BOGUS! 🙂

They look fantastic! Even the freckles I played with on this character can be seen in print. Yes, I was worried about that. Sometimes details that are obvious in digital get lost in print, so I’m thrilled and will continue working on that for this character.

Lastly, I’m stepping up the game for you in this book! I want to introduce more advanced composition work on these pages. I will experiment with some supplemental art that supports stories on text pages, particularly in the spreads. For example, you might see something like this I’ve been noodling on…

We will see how it goes, and you know I’ll keep you posted!

Events and Writers Panels

I’m continuing to exhibit with the latest being Dallas Fan Expo. It was a great show! It would have been better if the air conditioning wasn’t down for two days, but still, it now ranks as our best bookselling show to date. I had an opportunity to participate in an author panel alongside some incredible talent. Here’s my view from the stage…

Slowly but surely, we are raising awareness, and it’s having an impact. Just got to keep grinding away! LOL!! We are off to San Antonio from July 7-9th. If you’re local, we’d love to say hi. We have some new graphics and will be promoting the upcoming book!


Officially announcing that “Witches,” a 21 Steezy Snuffs follow-up, is in production. And so, without ado, here is a comp of what a Witches cover might look like!

There’s a lot to do in this particular piece. Besides the color, shading, and more technical aspects of the composition, there are artistic choices. For example, I want to think longer about how I want her tattoos to appear. Some of these I slapped on, although others are from the classical Roman depictions of Pictish tattoos. That’s the kind of stuff I think about and end up being driven crazy by. But it’s the kind of thing I hope you will appreciate when you read the stories!

It’s a full-court press to prepare this “Witch Edition” of 21 Steezy Snuffs for the fall. More exciting and eyebrow-raising news coming soon!

Wait? What about Inchi #02

The last thing I would want to do is throw some business on you, but the reality is that 21 Steezy Snuffs is still outperforming Inchi #01. In fact, I just placed my first-ever stocking order on that title for the Con Exclusive Cover. It’s crazy, and I can’t ignore that. Inchi fans, DO NOT DESPAIR… It’s still being worked on. Just because people are more excited about short-form gothic horror than they are about urban fantasy sequential art doesn’t mean I’m giving up!