Prints for Sale!

If you’re on my mailing list, you are already aware that I gave everyone a FREE 8×10 (includes shipping) of any art I have published on the website, Instagram, or other platforms. Hopefully, you were one of the many fans who took advantage of that offer!

As I had said to subscribers, I didn’t expect to be in the print business with Moonblimp. However, a friend and a fan recently asked me for one. He’d been watching me develop my art on these projects, and I was humbled. After thinking about it, I decided to see for myself what a physical print might look like. Here is “Eyes Wilhelm” in a frame.

Eyeser Wilhelm 8×10

“Eyeser” is printed on acid-free 100% cotton rag cardstock (96lbs) for a museum-quality feel. I’m doing glossy’s too!

“Radio Head a.k.a Death by Walkman”

After the giveaway, I did launch an Etsy site featuring only the most developed art. It’s a different strategy as most of the art I’ve created so far is for comics, not illustration. That being said, I’ve launched small and will continue to add pieces as I continue to develop the stories and books I have in production. Here’s where you can find the Etsy store:

I have recently added a piece called “The Mask.” He’s a character inspired by the upcoming season but a story character too. Speaking of, perhaps there’s someone in your life that would like a creepy print this Halloween? There are a few in there to choose from, but I’m also running a grand opening sale of 20% off. Subscribers to my newsletter Voyages are getting additional discounts as well.