More New Art

First, let me thank all of you who took the time to respond to my questions last month. I respect your time and opinions very, very much! Your answers helped me frame how I will approach the continuation of Inchi and the next few months after this new book finishes. Thank YOU!! Although many responded directly those questions are Open Questions and I’ll take feedback whenever your willing to give it.

I am grinding to get this new book ready for prime time this fall. All of that said, let’s move on to the art reveals! No story spoilers, only commentary.

I’m attempting to capture the oddity and creepiness of walking onto this scene. You’ve clearly interrupted something of a supernatural kind. The woman in the mirror, hand resting on the shoulder of a young woman, seems only to exist in that plane. However, your arrival is equally unexpected, as all eyes in this image are on you!

The Tower
This is my take on a classic Tarot Card called “The Tower.” It requires certain graphical elements which assign particular meanings. Therefore, I followed that established form for the most part and just added my own vision of it.

For the interested, here is an image that explains the different elements and meanings.

The Three Furies
I am still working on this piece, but it wasn’t originally my intention to style it after the Three Furies. It just happened that way. LOL. Still, no spoilers.

More updates coming soon. Something exciting this way comes!