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Yes, this is an email list, but it’s so much more than that! Voyages documents the journey each project takes and my thoughts as a creator and owner. It’s how I connect with you! I won’t be a pest, I promise.

Join today, and I’ll send you a digital copy of The Hidden Legions (THL)! This book is a 36-page “Limited Edition” comic written and illustrated by yours truly, David Patton. Because of its celebrity status as the first project, there is a print version for sale but there are only 50 of these signed editions available outside of mass press runs. THL is a physical 5″x5″ print version of the original webcomic.

THL takes place during WWI in France and is the opening story of the main character, Collete. THL is interesting not just because of the fictional story itself but in the non-fiction associated with its creation. One would-be artist’s journey from not knowing anything to kind of knowing something.

If you are a comic book lover and like weird independent stuff. This book is for you.

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