Inchie™ is cute but also peculiar creature born out of weird circumstances. His is a story inspired by Venetian culture and all there is to love about the way Venice embraces nautical themes. As the opening states:

No one is really certain where Inchi came from. Some believe Inchi was a creation of Neptune meant to help round up foul creatures swimming loose in the ocean. Others believe he’s the son of a squid and an oyster but of course, that would be ridiculous and only a fool would believe such nonsense. So let us begin with the most popular and most widely spread of the origin stories.

The story concept flows around the Inktober™ event as a fun and rapid way to do storytelling. If you’re not familiar with Inktober™ you can read more about it here. In short, it’s a yearly inking event that artists can participate in to help hone their inking skills. It’s typically done with a daily prompt or keyword. I thought it would be a cool idea to do a variant where your 31 days ends up as a complete story. In order to keep the spirit of the event intact, I am planning to draw each one on the day. However, in order to have cohesion, I will have to at least storyboard the 31 days in advance to be sure it makes sense and completes on time.

That’s the concept behind Inchi™ and you can follow along all month to get the full story starting on October 1st.

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