Inchi #1 – Launching on Kickstarter June 10th!

Inchi (ink-y) is a creature born of mysterious circumstances. A beginning almost as bizarre as the characters he gets entangled with. Without a sense of self, this “born yesterday” cephalopod must cooperate with a foul-mouthed seagull and an empathetic mermaid to confront humanity’s genuine and present danger. An ancient and unseen evil has been kept at bay for centuries by a band of cursed crusaders looking for redemption. However, Inchi’s sudden and mysterious arrival has upset the delicate balance.

Please note: Seagull is salty in the press version. Expletives replaced above.

The story unfolds to reveal the threat’s true origins: love scorned and not reconciled. Centuries ago, Rinaldo and Armida were bound by love at a time when their beliefs were at war. Forced apart by the pressures of the world and hungry for revenge, Armida unleashes hell on humanity.

Inchi and his new companions must work together to defeat this immediate threat while trying to discover his own identity. All of this develops in a small out-of-the-way canal in the back alleys of Modern-day Venice.

Inchi #1 is a 24-page debut in a planned series about Inchi and his companions. This book is 100% FINISHED and ready for press! I just need to know how many to print! That means you won’t be waiting long to get a copy if you back this project!

  • 24 Pages
  • Completely Press Ready!
  • Standard Comic Book Size @ 6.63″ x 10.19″
  • 3 Covers To Choose From!

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The Hidden Legions – Available now!

The Hidden Legions (THL) is a 36-page “Limited Edition” one-shot comic, written and illustrated by yours truly, David Patton. THL is a physical 5″x5″ print version of the original webcomic by MoonBlimp. Because of its celebrity status as the first project, only 50 of these signed editions will be available outside of mass press runs.

Collete Dubois is on a mysterious mission the coincides with the Battle of the Marne during WWI. Relive the original webcomic!

Get your copy now!

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